AIYN seeks to integrate arts as an effective sentencing alternative, a critical intervention to address trauma for youth who are incarcerated, and a foundational strategy for successful reentry.

As a first step, we are integrating arts into detention facilities across Los Angeles County.  By serving as a one-stop entity, AIYN is successfully partnering with LA County Probation and the LA County Arts Commission to provide high-impact, quality arts across TEN juvenile detention sites starting March 21, 2016.

We have been working with Probation and the Arts Commission to develop the arts modules, create evaluation/assessment measures, and build the foundation for eventual expansion to all 13 camps and all three halls in LA County. We estimate over 500 young people will be reached in this first year.

Probation is funding the bulk of the programming in a groundbreaking partnership with community agencies, but there remains a gap between Probation’s investment and the cost to AIYN members to provide the programs.   Click HERE to contribute to closing that gap!